Writing is thinking at work.

I try to write weekly and cross-post web2 content on Medium ↗ and web3 content on Mirror ↗. I usually cover topics like product building for web2/web3, branding and growth mindsets. But I explore new ground regularily.

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The Best Man Speech For My Sister’s Wedding
Two families joined to watch daughter and son commence a lifelong union. This is my best man speech that moved many people to tears and left a lasting impression.



My personal website choice
Personal websites shouldn't be complex. Time to start treating them like a book you add chapters to, post by post - around your #1 format.



5 Reasons why your client will never respond
5 reasons to better understand what to do with unresponsive potential clients and a new standard for client relations with 3 proclamations.


How I made $500 with a Notion dashboard and spent $0 on marketing
Learn how to leverage your knowledge to create passive income from Notion templates and dashboards. Launch your side-hustle with BOOTSTRAP OS.


The Infinity Flow State
How to maintain a consistent flow state through inspiration and execution. Balance your internal and external life for heightened awareness.


Creativity is not imagination. It’s realisation.
What determines creativity in humans? Gain perspective and increased self-awareness through a historical and value-based analysis.



13 steps towards your dream pitch
How to deliver effective presentations and documentation in both physical & remote.


How I built and launched a newsletter with virtually 0 cost
And how you can do the same by simply following my transparent process outlined in this Medium article. Simply start making.


Quarantined: a perspective of time
How self-isolation can move and improve your life as you fight a mental war with distractions in a worldwide existential crisis.