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A collection of personal bets and significant client-work. I’m a jack of all trades when it comes to early-stage digital experiences, but I’m not good at everything… I mostly work across Product & Brand & Web with the following specialisations ↓

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What I don’t do? Development, Sales & Marketing. Read my homepage for context.

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1. Co-Founder & Product UI/UX Design @visual.help

In a digital era, businesses still grapple with outdated communication systems. visual.help simplifies task management, amps up efficiency, and transforms how stakeholders communicate. Because, in our world, one visual guide speaks louder than a thousand words. With visual.help, we envisioned a future where crystal-clear visuals guide every user, and tasks are executed with unparalleled precision. This vision is currently on hold. visual.help product concept and UI/UX design

2. Founding Product & UI/UX Design @belong.haus

Belong is the web3 profile that turns your social tokens into social signals. I Co-Founded this product with an Engineer. My responsibilities cover everything from Idea → Concept → Discovery → Brand → UI/UX Design. Explore my thinking in the launch article.

belong.haus product concept and UI/UX design

3. MOAT Product Strategy @islands.xyz

Tokens aren’t just limited to a category of financial fungibles, but have the potential to change community memberships forever. But not everyone wants to get involved with decentralised exchanges & non-custodial wallets. A Social Wallet is needed that lowers web3’s barriers of entry & democratises participation. Read the full case study.

Social Wallet Product Strategy for islands.xyz

4. Founding Product 360° @bootstrap.supply

I did everything from brand → product → business plan → growth myself. The main product BOOTSTRAP OS sold over 100+ times with 0 paid ads. Pure organic growth.

BOOTSTRAP OS landing page screengrab

5. Visual Identities over the years

Logos are usually the last step in the branding process. The best brands visually build upon a solid identity and strategy. A brand not informed by core values and a deeper mission & vision will quickly lose its value in the minds of loyal users and prospects. Here is a case study on how I designed and launched iterations.design.

Visual Identity by Julian Paul

6. Strongest Brandbook @volksgarten.at

I love to be 360 degrees here: from Identity → Strategy → Visual. For the Volksgarten club in Vienna, this was a Brand Architecture job. The group was facing the problem that the public had no idea 4 of their individual experiences were managed by the same people. I developed a connected holistic approach to bind them together to bring them lasting PR and business benefits - want to see the full 120 page deck? DM me.

Social Wallet Product Strategy for islands.xyz Social Wallet Product Strategy for islands.xyz Social Wallet Product Strategy for islands.xyz Social Wallet Product Strategy for islands.xyz

7. UI Design @blissbuilds.com

Co-Founding this startup with the responsibilities of Brand & Product & UI/UX Design resulted in the vision that we know call the BlissBoard. A simple task management, solution for non-technical people to master their development backlog without hiring in-house developers. Apart from this, I also designed & wrote copy for our the landing page.

BlissBuilds landing page version one design

8. Web Builds @usecase.tools & @intoweb3.land

I designed & built usecase.tools because it is almost impossible to find the right tool quickly. This is mostly because feature-based positioning relates to the needs of the company, not the user. USECASE challenges this by crowd-sourcing user generated highly-specific cases and matching searchers with the tool that gets their job done. The MVP is fully functional and built on Bubble & Airtable.

usecase.tools landing page screengrab

I designed & built intoweb3.land as a resource to help product builders learn all about web3. The tech stack is based on Webflow, Airtable, Integromat & MixItUp. It’s an an ever-expanding collection & weekly newsletter about all things web3.

intoweb3.land landing page screengrab

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