Chapter Summaries: Reality Transurfing

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Reality transerfing. Steps I-V Vadim Zeland

The following are chapter summary excerpts from Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V Vadim Zeland. The content is a copy-paste of each chapter-end summary for future reference. The material may be protected by copyright. I claim no right over its contents or the ideas presented. They are Vadim Zealand’s words, copy-pasted directly out of the book. Here to serve as a future reference point.

If you are looking for my personal takeaways, I wrote Book Takeaways: Reality Transurfing where I capture my favourite takeaways in no less than 5399 words.

Transurfing Chapter 1-19 Summaries

Chapter 1: The Alternatives Model

Chapter 2: Pendulums

Chapter 3: Wave of Fortune

Chapter 4: Balance

Chapter 5: Induced Transition

Chapter 6: The Alternatives Flow

Chapter 7: Intention

Chapter 8: Slides

Chapter 9: The Heart and Mind

Chapter 10: Goals and Doors

Chapter 11: Energy

Chapter 12: Frailing

Chapter 13: Coordination

Chapter 14: Forward to the Past

Chapter 15: Letters from the Past

Chapter 16: Dances with Shadows

Chapter 17: The Dreams of the Gods

Chapter 18: The Mirror World - the mirror principles

Chapter 19: Gatekeeper to eternity

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