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This marks book 3/24 this year. I was honestly quite sceptical before starting this book since the cover alone made it seem esoteric to say the least. Ontop of that, the page count comes in at almost 800, so it’s a hefty read let me tell you. I’d say it’s warranted. The insights you will uncover in this book will change your life. And to say that is an understatement. Vadim Zeland does an excellent job at outlining the forces that govern our reality, despite remaining hidden to most. It is a worldview I have never before hear of, but it makes so much sense I can’t, but apply its methods. Especially in regards to doubts that have plagued my entire existence up until today. I finally feel like I have the tools and even more importantly perspective I’ve alway been searching for to eradicate the negativity that has been ever so present in my consciousness since childhood. So because this book opened my eyes, I took the time to go through the 800 pages many times over and deducted the following takeaways that hit home in a special way for me. They are by no means complete, but they answer questions you, I or anyone else might have about Transurfing at large. And if you want to dive into the chapters one by one, I suggest you head to the Chapter Summaries: Reality Transurfing , where each of the chapter summaries lives in the exact words of the author. Oh and I will leave you with one more aid: there is a free audio book summary on YouTube I used to speed up my read-time. It was invaluable to keep a healthy pace and not get lost in contemplation.

Many thanks for writing this Vadim Zeland — the book is a true work of art in its own right.

So without further ado, let’s dive into my top ideas from Reality Transurfing.

What Transurfing is(n’t)

Transurfing is…

Transurfing is not…

Key ideas & takeaways

[01] What does Transurfing mean?

Transurfing is all about realising: I have the right to choose”. It is the belief what we must only need to make an order and trust that it WILL come. Not that it CAN come. But that it WILL come. This however does not mean you have the right to change things. It simply mens: allowing yourself the luxury of deserving the best.” Roughly, there are two steps required to begin Transurfing:

  1. Let go of the intention to receive and replace it with the intention to give and you will receive the very thing you let go of”.
  2. Replace the pendulum rule with the Transurfing rule: be yourself and allow others to be themselves.

The mindset underpinning achieving a Transurfing state is this: everything is going extremely well and today I am doing everything better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today”. Because it is all about becoming aware of your inner freedom and attaining the feeling that you are the master of the layers of your reality.

[02] What is reality?

[03] How can you control reality?

Because god places a piece of himself into the soul of every living being, which not only gives us free will, but also the ability to control reality according to consciousness. Vadim Zeland makes sense of this at a deeper level: You communicate with God by shaping the layer of your world, your reality. When you take joy in your creation God takes joy with you. This is what true service to God means. Belief in God is above all belief in yourself and in your own strength as a creator. There is part of the Creator in each and every one of us. Make the Father happy. As far as you believe in your own potential you will believe in God and carry out the words he spoke: According to you faith be it unto you”.” Reality and the alternative space is therefore every possible future in Gods making, therefore confirming the fact that you indeed have freedom of choice, which is the ability to choose the lifeline of your dreams. Whatever that is — God approves and it will happen along the path of least resistance.

[04] What is the alternatives space?

The alternatives space is an information field or energy matrix, a template for what things could be like. When a sector of the matrix is lit up by an energy that has the same resonance, that part of the template is transformed into physical reality. It is an infinite field containing information on all possible scenarios of any event that could ever possibly take place. The question is whether the information held in the matrix can be used whilst it exists in its intangible form. Put bluntly, the data recorded in the information field represents truth in its purest form. It represents objective information undistorted by interpretation.” You can access the alternatives space via the heart and can attune to any sector of the alternative space if it is ours to have. Why not the mind? The mind observes and interprets reality. The mind does not know, the heart does. It takes changing the focus of intention from being given to creating that allows us to enter the alternatives space. Can I know my future like this? No one can know the future because no one can predict what alternative will end up manifesting. The choice is yours.

[05] How do I enter into the alternatives flow?

The alternatives flow always takes the path of least resistance. You could say that it follows the path of fortuitous circumstances.” Foreign goals and doors take you on the path of greatest resistance. Once you let go of the goal and feel relieved, it was a foreign goal for sure. If you have to persuade yourself to have something, it is not yours.” Foreign goals feel unachievable by default. You enter the alternatives flow by creating the circumstances of your reality through outer intention. You cannot determine the path of the alternatives flow, but you can guide its direction with intention. You can control part of a river as a way of generating energy but as a whole the river will remain an independent component of uncontrolled reality.” How can you move through the alternatives space? Via coordination: perceiving every event as positive and favourable to your future. Coordination is essentially balance within unity of heart and mind: when there is unity of heart and mind; when there is no feeling of guilt, dependency, superiority, obligation, fear or stress; in other words, when you do not disturb the balance inside yourself or in the world around you.”

[06] What is inner & outer intention?

[07] What is frailing?

A soul frail is its characteristic frequency. You can attune to anyones, simply by knowing what interests/goals/aspirations they have. By attuning to the others persons inner intention you not only give them what they need, you also understand them like no other. A beautiful frail lies at the harmonious connection between heart and mind.

[08] Why is heart<>mind so important?

[09] How can I reach heart<>mind unity?

Allow yourself the luxury of having shortcomings and lacking the necessary qualities.” You have nothing to prove to anyone, so focus on coordinating the unity of heart and mind:

[10] What are pendulums?

[11] Why is thought energy so significant?

[12] What is excess potential?

[13] How to achieve goals/success in life?

[14] What are slides?

[15] What is the dual mirror?

[16] What are the mirror principles?

The only way to shape the reflection you want is to align heart<>mind into unity first, then going through the first three principles with one requirement: running a positive slide in your mind systematically for a lengthy period of time. Remember: by abandoning the position of control you acquire real control over a situation”:

  1. The world is like a mirror reflecting your relationship to it.”
  2. Reflection is formed in the unity of heart & mind.” (inner intention)
  3. There is a delay in the reaction of the dual mirror.”
  4. The mirror cites the content of the relationship, but not its orientation.”
  5. Switch your intention from the reflection to the image.” (outer intention)
  6. Release your grip and allow the world to move with the alternatives flow.”
  7. Embrace any reflection as positive.”

[17] What does being a maker mean?

Assert your right as a maker in this world. It is the belief that you are capable and worthy simply because you have the right to choose and decided to live life this way. Once you relinquish control over uncontrollable circumstances, you will arrive at this mindset: however it work out is how it should be.” Frame everything optimistically to frame any reflection positively. In essence you must consciously invert negativity into positive thought energy. You will have only achieved this if negativity passes you by indifferently. Otherwise it will follow you around. A maker therefore is someone who accepts their right to choose and exercises it without a doubt.

[18] Why is zero-doubt thought energy key to Transurfing?

[19] Does visualisation work?

Only if you visualise the current stage of your transfer chain. So it’s only helpful to visualise the process (without attention on the goal) with outer intention. Otherwise it will not work because it is desire at work. There are three types of visualisations (most people get stuck in the first or second level):

  1. The dream: observe without control.
  2. The film: observe with control.
  3. The actor: play a role in the film.

[20] Where do narcissism / superiority / inferiority complexes fit in?

They by default create excess potential due to their dependent relationships. Mostly because a manipulator tries to impose a feeling of guilt onto their charges”, to gain power over them, or for their own self-assertion. On the surface these people can seem very proper.” In their view, what is good and what is bad was established long ago. They always say the right thing and their actions are impeccably correct.” Make no mistake, someone with complexes like that is battling balanced forces with sheer will — but for how long will that last?

[21] Is Transurfing the antidote to perfectionism?

Yes. The heart is the solution to being a perfectionist. The heart is perfect. The mind is not since it is impact by the world and produces shortcomings. To tune into your heart and attain inner freedom, accept yourself for who you are by refusing to follow the pendulum rule and walking your own path. A perfectionist can only survive when protected by a pendulum. This is a game you do not want to play… So loosen your grip and let go of your control for the absolute minimum of excess potential. You will find: the greater your indifference to your order the sooner it will be completed. The absence of desire grants a freedom that allows you to concentrate on the intention to act rather than on worrying about the possibility of failing.”

Favorite quotes

The mind has to consider the means because it is used to acting within the limits of inner intention. Within these limits, there will undoubtedly be potential scenarios with an unfavourable ending and so in this case outer intention not only will not help you, it will act to your detriment. This is why I so insistently recommend that you stop thinking about possible scenarios of how events might develop. On the path to your goal, the will to have must prevail. This is what you should focus on above all else, and the remaining aspect of intention, i.e. the will to act, must be purified to the maximum from the undesirable elements of desire and importance. The will to place one foot in front of the other represents the inscrutable intent to do the minimum of what is required of you. To act dispassionately does not mean to act indecisively or sluggishly. I am sure you know what I am trying to say. Excessive will is also a consequence of importance. Your actions will be effectively to the degree that you manage to purify inner intention from desire and importance.” — Vadim Zeland

We cannot change the world. We have to accept that how the world is does not depend on us. Myriad limitations and conditioning literally stuff the soul into a box. The mind captured by convention becomes the soul’s jailer prohibiting it from realising its potential.” — Vadim Zeland

You are always on a life line that represents the quality of your energetic vibration. If you take in negative energy you will experience disappointments in your life and if you give out negative energy it will return to you like a boomerang in the form of disappointment.” — Vadim Zeland

All problems arise due to a conflict of interests surrounding inner intention.” — Vadim Zeland

Final thoughts

As you can tell this read was a lot. So much gold lies here for me. What will I do next? Energy exercises… these I still need to try/put into practice. And of course eliminating doubt from my life once and for all, so I can find the unity of my heart and mind.

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Until next time.

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