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Log // 21.03.2020

These are uncertain times. Deeply troubling times actually. There does not seem to be a light at the end of these underground trenches we currently find ourselves in. A worldwide pandemic has not only attacked our personal lives, but is also deeply screwing with our economic safety.

At this very moment, you might be alone at home. You might be living with friends. You might be safe and sound with your family. And you might even be losing your mind in the midst of any of these living situations.

But one thing is is most certainly clear as day; time was never intended to be our enemy. Rather, it was meant to make us grasp that just like with any resource on this planet, it too is limited. Yet, we live our lives as if time lasts forever. Seemingly ignorant to the fact that time is not only limited, but can only be consumed within the frame of years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds. It not only constrains our lives, but also provides us with a tool to incentivise a meaningful existence.

As I am writing this, I find myself alone. Somewhere, far away in the mountains. Quarantined and self-isolated. I have found myself being weirdly productive, reflective and thoughtful. Suddenly, I am not afraid of fulfilling my true potential, nor am I drowning in my own self-pity and doubt. I am simply executing with a clarity I have longed for all my life. And it sounds cliché to say, but in these uncertain times I found what truly makes me tick. All whilst the whole world has seemingly come to a halt.

Whatever living situation you find yourself in. Quarantine is giving us time. Quarantine is eliminating the necessity to go to and from work. Quarantine is eliminating the need to keep up with discovering new restaurants, watching the latest movie in the cinema, going for one more drink’ with your friends and even meeting that next flame’ from tinder. And these are just to mention a few… If you’re a controlled introvert like me, maybe you are using this time to get some needed perspective on what you have been filling your attentional space with for the last weeks, months or even years. Maybe you’re realising that you simply haven’t done enough to grow as an individual and become a true asset to society. Maybe you are realising that the city life or the corporate life isn’t giving you what you want or even more profoundly, what you need. In any case, you suddenly have hours and hours of time.

With these hours also come more responsibility. Responsibility you might not be taking seriously enough, as you are getting sucked into the endless black hole of Netflix, spending countless hours binge watching a show that you know is a waste of time. If you are in this rut, then I hope this article can act as a positive wake up call for you.

So, I will say this without meaning any disrespect to the sick or affected. But for those who are healthy and self-isolated, hear this: Quarantine can be a rare gift of time. A rare gift of perspective and reflection. Quarantine should make us all realise that time is a resource we have too little of. And quarantine of all things is teeming with a voice the media and tech companies want you to ignore. The voice that whispers quietly in your ear. The voice of conscience that subsides amongst the noise of this world. So, listen intently. Follow the conscious voice of your intuition and the universal pull of inspiration.

Quarantine can eliminate much of your physical distractions, as it places us within the confines of our home. But it cannot eliminate the digital distractions that are dangerously fighting a war for our attention, every second we engage with a screen. My hope is, that by reading this article you will realise the sheer amount of time you currently have. And also how much of it you haven’t used. Stop waiting for others. Stop waiting for yourself. And stop waiting for your old routine to return. Rather, start realising:

It is time to face ourselves.

It is time to face our own shortcomings.

It is time to prioritise what is important.

It is time to plan our days from start to end.

It is time to get up with our alarm clock at 6am.

It is time to craft a routine for our habits and goals.

It is time to hold ourselves accountable to our commitments.

It is time to take self-leadership.

It is time to take ownership.

It is time.

Start reading a book a week. Start learning another language. Start that online business idea you have been pondering with. Start that YouTube channel. Start reaching 100 push-ups a day. Start writing an article a week. Start organising yourself and get a grip of your life.

Search deep within and find out what truly makes you tick by removing yourself from this noisy world.

Devise a plan and execute it.

Time won’t wait.

A wise man once said: choose a purpose that is greater than yourself’. If you understand this, you will understand time.

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe.

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