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I’m Julian, a Bermudian-born Austrian. My background connects both sound engineering and startups. I am in love with House music and even more obsessed with building digital products. 3 topics echo across everything I do:

  1. Product Development
  2. Community Building
  3. Process Design

For work, I run a solo product studio @handsdown.io where I build MVPs and branded web experiences for clients. For play, I hack around at useful micro-products and test new ideas relentlessly. You could say my work is my life, but I’ve found what truly makes me tick. Life feels like a playground this way. A blessed canvas ready for color.

What’s this website? A public index of learnings I stumble across whilst bootstrapping ideas towards my audacious goals.

Where to begin? First, get to know me through my compass. Next, give my Top 5 posts a go ↓. Then, stay up-to-date with my newsletters.

Top 5 posts

Writing is thinking at work.

  1. The Case For Social Wallets ▲ 8min read.
  2. Tradable Asset Subscriptions (TAS) ▲ 6min read.
  3. Basics of CAC & LTV for Your Go-to-market Strategy ▲ 6min read.
  4. Design sprints on steroids: reframing & systematic multi-tracking ▲ 6min read.
  5. The Infinity Flow State ▲ 9min read.

My most recent posts are here.

Digital identitiy

Platforms need clear intentions.

Vibing to

Music is emotion tied up with memories.

COMING SOON: vibi.ng ↗. squiggly horizontal divider


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