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I’m Julian, a Bermudian-born Austrian. I love seeing digital experiences come to life and feel most at home working across 3 verticals: Product & Brand & Web. I’m an all-rounder with skills that translate across early product lifecycles ↓

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Currently, I am co-founding @visual.help and growing @bootstrap.supply, the toolkit to help you go from idea to business. If not heads down on these projects, you’ll find me vibi.ng to House music, which I produce, curate and DJ whenever I can.

If you specialise in the greyed out areas or need only one skill, we would compliment each other. Here is a curated selection of output I call a portfolio of bets.

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Top 5 reads

Writing is thinking at work.

  1. The Case For Social Wallets ‣ 8min read.
  2. Tradable Asset Subscriptions (TAS) ‣ 6min read.
  3. belong » the missing link of web3 social ‣ 5min read.
  4. Basics of CAC & LTV for Your Go-to-market Strategy ‣ 6min read.
  5. The Infinity Flow State ‣ 9min read.

Check my most recent writing on web2 and web3.

Shipped products

A focused portfolio view.

Vibi.ng to

Music is emotion tied up with memories.

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Let’s meet on whatever platform serves your desired outcome best ↑ Prefer email? Try contact@julianpaul.me.

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